Nephilim: the Evidence & History — Nephilim, DNA & Elongated Skulls and Peru (part 1)


nephilim-nephilim-evidence-aliens-nephilim-demons-nephilim-dna-nephilim-peru-nephilim-trey-smithNephilim: Are the Nephilim REAL?

Nephilim — a brief glance at merely a few points from the physical evidence of what many call…. the Nephilim.



Brien Forestor: Brien Forestor is a man I consider a friend. He likely has more experience with the Nephilim skulls than anyone on Earth (not embellishing). Should the skulls or sites in Peru interest you as a possible future adventure… There is no-one I would personally trust more for safety, comfort and a great experience than Brien Forestor.



Nephilim: What are the Nephilim? Are the Nephilim REAL? Are elongated skulls merely a product of head binding -or- is the elongated skull phenomenon something larger in scope….. something Nephilim?
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Nephilim: the first question where we begin is often: Are we dealing with aliens?


Nephilim: We begin with a history of blood-lines, human sacrifice, a touch of genetics…. and the occult. IMAGE ABOVE is a young virgin female — one of many, many found — at ritual blood sacrifice sites in Peru & the Americas.

MesoAmerican Blood Alters: The practice of human sacrifice, though practiced heavily in places like Peru where huge volumes of strange elongated skulls are found, is by NO means limited to the ancient Americas. Human sacrifice and child sacrifice stretch back as far as recorded history goes.
The practice of “appeasing the gods” begins with the idea shared by EVERY ancient culture, that there are “gods” — something unseen and dimensional in scope that is “watching”….. Moreover, that the gods clamoring for attention most, are the “gods of underworld”  — and the “spiritual wisdom serpents”….. As if dealing with things trapped in a place they’d prefer not be. To summons an “underworld god” (what the Greeks, Hebrews & Christians would call “demons”) is to invite in an entity — a dark entity — into this place from another realm. Bringing perhaps new meaning to Matthew 18:18 which says, “What you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, what you loose on earth, will be loosed in heaven.” And, to perform human sacrifice is to consummate one’s whole-self and full-mind to a heart of bent on pure darkness…. to truly become “servant and slave” to a cast of dark unseen masters…. as if feeding something that is much like a virus looking for a host, and desperate to devour.
As a side note, if something needs to be “summonsed” (invited) then this would tend to indicated it is NOT truly in charge of anything. Further, a “god” that needs to “be appeased” (something dimensional needing help feeding itself)…. is even MORE indicative that its greatest fear is that you would see it as it is.

On the topic of the Nephilim — It is a fair question to be sure — and certainly the answer one will find served on a golden platter by popular TV Shows such as Ancient Aliens, and our new breed of mainstream science spokespeople…. folks who may also tell you time travel is in our reach and Elvis is still alive in a parallel universe (with straight faces no-less).

I for one find myself in more agreement with the lesser known names — the great minds behind-the-scenes. Feeling that the phenomenons — whether they be the claimed aliens or Nephilim — are far deeper, and much more interesting. And — speaking of aliens & the occult — for a short list of quotes by some of the most qualified men in both science & ufology, I might recommend an article of mine titled Aliens & Devils…..

But — to even taste the tip of this grand iceberg…. this enigma & puzzle — our journey starts on a tour where we must first grasp dimensions — that our reality, from the shared opinions of the Einsteins and the greatest minds who have ever lived, appears to be couched in a much more complex reality…. as is self-evidenced from every piece of this place, from the smallest quantum particles, to the programming DNA, to cellular factories running that software of life… reaching up to even the grandest stars in heavens above….. all of it….. Every particle of this strange illusory thing we call “reality” merely a subset of something much, much larger than the feeble human mind can scratch the surface to understand…. (what the ancient cultures & Biblical texts likely would have called “spiritual realms”)

Our journey also takes us diving below into the underbelly of VERY INTENSE & DEEPLY DARK areas of the occult, a touch about blood-lines….. and a twist of genetics……

Nephilim: A Brief Tour from the Pages of our Past (the Flood)

Nephilim: Evidence of the NephilimA brief summary of the history — blood-lines through an occult past to the more modern anomalies, the elongated skulls, the Nephilim — requires the knowledge that EVERY ancient culture records a global flood…. Further, that the evidence for this is the entire geology of the planet Earth itself, and most especially the fossil record. Billions of dead things buried, most of them in mass burials…. from mass whale graveyards in the hottest deserts (such as Egypt and the Atacama)…. to fish and sea shells littered across EVERY mountain range…. (including Everest). And, even more, some Nephilim: Evidence of the Nephilimthings squeezed, compressed and pressure cooked so hard & so fast — like entire ancient jungles were swallowed by water, rock and earth —  that they became the black mush we call “oil and coal deposits”….. Further — these are merely a trickle of the giant signs screaming global flood from EVERY SINGLE part of the surface of the planet Earth…. a planet on which we find the records of sudden mass deaths and burials of plants and animals in the billions of billions of billions…. piles & bags Nephilim: Evidence of the Nephilimof compressed bones (including the dragons we call dinosaurs) — and even the strata itself sorted perfectly as one would expect if the Earth were covered by a violent rage of gushing waters…..

Further still — the animals — the things buried, from the tiniest little fish, to the largest brontosaurus — all have exactly ZERO transitional fossils.

What I am telling you — the same as ANY good geologist should — is that there is NO Nephilim: Evidence of the Nephilimhistory, NO past record of the things buried.

For simple example, what fossils lead to the enormous dinosaurs? There are none. And — this same problem exists for every genre, or Biblical “kind” of creature…. There is truly NOTHING that leads (or is transforming) to become the dogs, or the elephants, or the turtles, or bunny rabbits, or the kitty cats….. or ANY of it….. There is NOTHING transforming from one kind of animal into another — just mass dead things frozen in stone.

This is what is meant when you hear that the vast and colorful arrays of creatures on this beautiful, masterful & symbiotic planet seem to “appear out-of-thin air –> instantaneously in the fossil record.”

However, within tight-nit groups of those government funded to support aspects of Darwinism, Nephilim: the Evidence -- Nephilim, DNA & Elongated Skulls in Peruas well as in the political circles among university professors, it is commonly said, “the fossil record is great evidence for the beliefs of Darwinism.” I for one find this a rather BOLD statement considering there has NEVER been more historical FRAUD for ANY other science (or ALL of the other sciences combined) than there has been for support of the belief of evolution…… particularly within the area of claimed “missing links”….. And that is just when talking about claims of monkeys turning into people — without even touching-on the question: What led to the monkeys?


Cradle of Civilization: ALL cultures of the known world appear to spring forth in roughly 3000 BC from small settlements between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, then extending out following the fertile land over towards the Nile River (Egypt). All of these cultures believed they were descendants of the man who built the boat that “saved all mankind”.


History of Language: ALL written languages seem to appear right “out-of-thin-air” fully developed. One of the very, very oldest written texts on the entire planet Earth is the Epic of Gilgamesh. The Epic of Gilgamesh covers long-lifespans of early peoples, as well as focusing on the global flood account. NOTE: Gilgamesh, a king ruling shortly after the flood from the tiny, tiny city-state settlement of Uruk (an area that would later rise to become the powerful empire of Babylon) is often depicted in stone statues as a six fingered giant. In Gilgamesh’s Epic, he refers to himself as being “part god and part man”…. born of a “mortal earthly woman”. And, being “part-god” is a point which seems to bother him greatly — a point which he views as an “eternal curse” that damns him. Gilgamesh’s close friend, according to these 12 stone records, was an intelligent man-like creature covered in hair that was also “created by the gods”.

Bottom line — the flood, though a strangely controversial and mysteriously fought against taboo topic in current science — is infact covered by every single culture on Earth…… right back to the earliest tiny, tiny settlements and small pockets of people in Akkad and Sumeria in roughly 3000 BC….. Accordingly, those tiny settlements — the “cradle of civilization” — begin with written Semitic languages that are FULLY developed and arguably more sophisticated than English…. This is what causes many in the field researching ancient language to firmly state: “There is NO development of language….. It appears right out of thin air, and has been observably digressing ever since…..”

Noah: a video by Trey Smith and the God in a Nutshell project. COMING SOON.

In terms of the global flood, the physical evidence is the entire surface of the Earth itself — I am not actually certain how you could have more evidence for much of anything?

None-the-less, your ancient cultures are going a step or two deeper than merely the eruption of the “waters of deep.”


Nephilim: Understanding the Shadows, the Secrets & the Mystery Religions 


COMING SOON: A video to be released after Noah… And, to understand Illuminati, you should come to understand the blood-lines…. the “Days of Noah” ~Trey Smith

In most every ancient culture, particularly the earliest: Assyria, Sumeria (later Babylon, current day Iraq) and Egypt…. the little settlements which would grow to become the first empires in written history. All of these newly forming population centers of mankind, that happen to spread from the PRECISE area where the “boat that saved mankind” is said to have landed, have pre-flood accounts of what one may call “fallen” angels…. direct creations of God….. the Bene Ha Elohim….. These accounts lasting the ages of time on seals and tablets of stone contain records of supernatural beings (gods with a little “g”)… very powerful dimensional entities making entrance to this little thing we call physical reality…. seemingly localized and focused on this small, blue, floating rock, the cradle of Earth in space that we call home.

nephilim-underworld-gods-nuphilim-elongated-skulls-ritual-sacrifice-nephilim-nephilim-evidence-aliens-nephilim-demons-nephilim-dna-nephilim-peru-nephilim-trey-smith copy

Nephilim: Serpent worship after the flood. Nearly ALL ancient cultures that have arisen following the flood have strangely similar accounts of “spiritual serpents” — ancient snakes dwelling in another dimension which are summonsed for the wisdom and guiding of dictatorships & empires…. The worship of the these dimensional serpent stretches through India, Babylon, Asia, Egypt, Africa…. and the ancient Americas…. However, nowhere are the dimensional “wisdom serpents” more highly regarded than in cultures which built pyramids, like Egypt and India…. Or, cultures which craved the deepest, darkest & most deranged of blood rituals…. Like zombies possessed & run by demons — cunning slippery minds yet no-one is home. Those with a taste for human and child sacrifice, such as the Mayans & Aztecs — peoples who built the most memorizing grand megalithic structures and pyramids in the ancient Americas


Neanderthals: They are NOT Nephilim, and they are certainly NOT monkeys becoming people. In all our most ancient cultures, as well of course the Book of Genesis, we read about long-life spans. These long-life spans are not just covered prior to the flood, but some having very, very long lives briefly thereafter the flood (for a few generations). Within the realms of research, Neanderthals are often called the “smoking gun” of evidence for those long-lifespans even as far back as the 1970s — when investigation heated up on Neanderthal skeletons. There are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of Neanderthal skeletons. They are identical to modern humans, save for the fact they have much stronger bones, stronger teeth, larger brains and varying sizes of large ridges over the eyes (NOTE: the orbital — the bone of the eyebrow — continues to grow through-out a persons life.) But — it is not just varying sizes of orbitals that can be used like tree-rings to see the much, much longer life-spans. We also have Neanderthal children. Experts, such as Dr. Jack Cuozzo, have spent their careers examining these children. The development rates in Neanderthal children are VERY, VERY, VERY slow. A man of 30 years of age might actually look like a boy of 13 years of age. NOTE: This is also incredibly bad news if one were trying to argue the Neanderthal skeletons as a product of evolution…. Monkeys mature very fast (nearly 2X as fast a human child today)…. Neanderthal peoples mature extremely slow (perhaps 4 or 5 times as slow as a modern human). Accordingly, the traits of Neanderthals (early people) are NOT some subset of humanity — the traits literally mold (rapidly lessening) into the cultures of the ancient world, and disappear. In layman’s terms — we are weakening. And — you can also literally see this “weakening” effect leading to modern humans (you and I today) from sampling skeletons from every past time period. Our body cycles also speeding up, as seen in the progressive lowering ages of puberty in children, and beginnings of menstrual cycles in young girls.

The depictions of these pre-flood fallen beings in our ancient texts are eerily similar in both their descriptions and elements….. And — the most noteworthy of these pre-flood dark similarities is the “mystery schools” of the (200) fallen angels — teaching mankind a variety of “dark arts” — literally turning humanity into a circus, a play-toy, for the pleasure of powerful “fallen beings”….. ultimately a twisted freak-show of blood, sex, violence, rage, fangs and deranged genetics from perhaps the most sinister minds of madness…. A dark madness for the pure sadistic pleasure of an inner circle of “dark gods”.

Indeed, the ancient records from the oldest cultures on this planet seem to tell a far different tale than the official history one may find in their college textbooks.


In the pages of the Book of Enoch (great grandson of Noah) this goes many, many levels deeper…. Everything from from teaching the “smiting of the baby in the womb” (Note: there is always a high regard in the occult for the killing & slaughter of children (innocence) both before and after birth)….. As well as the “mystery teachings” which delve deep to include the mixing of animals with animals, and even humans with animals….. hinting perhaps at some dark form of genetics…. and, of course, the drinking of slaughtered blood.


DNA: The DNA in every living thing on this planet is like MEGA-PROGRAMMING CODE…. Accordingly, there is ZERO junk code in DNA. And, if you took EVERY single line of computer coding EVER made by mankind, combined them together, you would be light-years away from the sophistication of one tiny DNA strand…. Your body has roughly 4 trillion of them…. 4 Trillion tiny pieces of coding that all have to work together like a perfect glove to organize everything from the tiny cells, the organs those cells make up, the biological systems those organs are managing to keep you alive from one minute to the next….. and then of course the complete body plan itself. All with ZERO junk code…. There are some, primarily liberal university professors as well government grant funded sciences & textbook writers who claim all this precision with ZERO mutating parts and ZERO junk code is the product of accidents…. otherwise called “the Theory of Evolution”
None-the-less, it is this programming language, this DNA, which is specific for each and every classification of life form on the entirety of the symbiotic planet Earth.
And, one step further, just as we are observably losing animals (certainly not gaining them)… we are also genetically weakening….. everything on this planet is genetically weakening… from the smallest bacterium, to the largest elephants…. and everything that creeps, crawls, or walks in-between.

In Luciferian-ism, and the most secret of secret societies, this pre-flood time-period of “mystery schools” by fallen beings may commonly be termed “Atlantis” (a far cry from the loose definition of “Atlantis” one may hear on popular TV shows and common garden variety buffet of New Age belief sets).

Also — nearly ALL the ancient occult beliefs — just like Genesis 6, and the controversial Book of Enoch, are quite specific about another aspect of these “fallen angels” as well — accounts of a physical attraction to the women…. as if lusting towards something they had never tasted….. going on to birth children.


Ziggurat of Eridu — otherwise known as, “the Tower of Babel”
The Ziggurat of Eridu was constructed under the Sumerian king, Enmerkar (Biblical Nimrod). In the Biblical text, Nimrod is called “the might hunter in defiance of God”. In the Sumerian, the last part of the name EnMerkar is “–kar” meaning mighty hunter”. King EnMerkar, according to Sumerian records, worshiped and communicated with the god Enki. The “Enki” can have a variety of meanings such as the Giver of Knowledge, the one from the Abzu (Abyss), as well as the “Morning Star”. Tower of Babel means “gateway of the god” — the place where the Enki (Morning Star) is summonsed from the ABZU (Abyss) into this reality…. In the Sumerian texts, EnMerkar’s great tower is violently destroyed in what he believes is a rage of the gods — the tongues are supernaturally confused and the people spread to become the inception of other nations. Sumerian hymns and prayers appear to be later written to the god Enki to again reunite the people under “one tongue and rule”.
The Ziggurat of Eridu is the oldest Ziggurat in Sumeria (and the world)…. It would have also been the largest. The Ziggurat, as well as all the tiny newly forming settlements of people surrounding it — date to between 2700 to 3000BC. In the Sumerian king list, Eridu is named as the city of the world’s first kingship.
The Sumerian kings list gives particularly long rules to the kings who ruled before the great flood occurred (sometimes thought by scholars to be referencing spiritual entities, and in some cases, after the Sumerian flood record also recording the life-spans/rule-spans NOT of the physical kings, but of the “entities” believed to have ruled through them)

NOTE: Angels (powerful dimensional beings) in the Biblical texts, the Septuagint, and the Torah are NEVER depicted with wings (except for the Seraphim & the angels on the Mercy Seat of God on the Ark of the Covenant)….. In occult beliefs, such as those of Egypt, often the gods, entities & beings are depicted with wings — such as the Egyptian Isis. As an interesting factoid: The winged Biblical Seraphim (literally “burning ones”) are indicated as praise & worship beings — Lucifer is also alluded to with musical qualities.

NOTE (continued): Also, wings were used in the ancient world as symbolism for deification (god-kings) on images of men — such as Nimrod in his grand murals & artifacts found in Biblical archaeological sites such as ancient Nineveh. Nimrod, “the Assyrian”, was the first recorded king (and claimed god-king) in all of recorded history. Some scholars believe that Nimrod and Gilgamesh are different names for the same guy. Whatever-the-case, “the Assyrian” is one of 33 titles Nimrod (King En-Merkar in Sumerian) also shares with the Biblical anti-christ. As an odd factoid: There are 13 titles for the anti-christ in the New Testament, and 33 titles for the anti-christ in the Old Testament…. Infact, the actual word & title “anti-christ” for this coming one world dictator is only used one time in the entire Bible.

NOTE: (continued): The ruins of the Tower of Babel (enormous Sumerian Ziggurat of Eridu) — meaning “gateway of the god” — can be visited just 12 kilometers out of ancient Ur…. near both Uruk and Babylon. According to Sumerian legend, confusion of tongues and terror struck the people when, “the gods knocked the tower down.” 


NOTE (final): Nimrod, the Assyrian, great grandson of Noah, the first little world dictator, the one listed as being in “defiance to God”…. was the builder of the Tower of Babel, the first New World Order…..  So, according to record, roughly 5,000 years ago, little Nimrod stood atop his tower angrily shaking his fist at the Creator of the Universe…. Today, the word “Nimrod” commonly means “idiot.”


Noah: A video by Trey Smith and the God in a Nutshell project

Nephilim: The Angels, the Women…. the offspring…. the paradox.

As these pre-flood accounts of the fallen angels began to spread from the re-birthing new world through the early empires of Babylon, Assyria, Sumeria and Egypt, they would later butterfly to transform into much, much larger “mythologies” (and vast arrays of “secret occult knowledge” and practices) — such as those of the later Greeks and Romans……


In Mark 12:25, Jesus Himself states, 

For they that rise from the dead (and enter heaven) neither marry, nor are given in marriage; but are as the angels which are in heaven.



Yet in Jude, it states (just after Jude quotes from Enoch),

And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day. — Jude 1:6

This passage from Jude includes the word “habitation” which — translated directly from Hebrew — indicates that they (this small portion of the fallen angels) lowered themselves from angelic forms and took on physical / fleshly bodies. In such, they did something that was NOT done by the “angels which are heaven” as stated by Jesus Christ himself…. Thus, an extra punishment — if you will — and binding was placed on these specific fallen angels, as covered in the passage above by Jude — and extensively in the pre-flood Book of Enoch.


Nephilim: The Mystery after the Flood


Nephilim: 13 Elongated Skulls found in Mexico. Skulls of this massive size, particularly near megalithic ritual sites, is becoming more and more commonplace — particularly in South America, and climaxing in areas such as Peru.

But, the mystery is NOT just lurking behind the veil of a great flood in an ancient forgotten past…. Contrarily, the trail leads right to this very hour… the precious moments you sit to read this page.


Nephilim: Giants — accounts like the Biblical Goliath (measuring roughly 10 ft. 6 in) progressively seem to come to life as new light shines on old legends from around the globe.
Nephilim: (IMAGE ABOVE) A museum has built a reconstruction of a 24 ft skeleton in recognition of Father Carlos Miguel Vaca and Father Crespi who claimed to have discovered several bones and fragments found on a site named “Changaiminas” which translated into Spanish means “cemetery of the gods.”
Like many, many of the giant skeleton stories & news reports stemming from ancient Indian lands in the Americas, there seems to be a large volume of stories of artifacts that disappear in places such as Smithsonian (an organization which heavily supports the story-line of evolution, which would indeed disagree with the finds).

The actual physical evidence we find of strange beings, the macabre, the creepies, the crawlies, the unusuals, as well as, the giants — leaping right out of every page in the ages of history…. and now the sands of deserts, dig sites, and around the most dazzling of ancient stone temples to unholy gods….  And, all these casts of anomalies & treasures…. these arrays of strange beings….. are commonly what is defined as: the Nephilim.

Nephilim-quetzacoatl-maya-Nephilim-quetzacoatl-serpent-Nephilim-quetzacoatl-snake-quetzacoatl-Nephilim copy

Nephilim: Worship of the spiritual serpent is found in nearly every empire, from great to small of the ancient past….. stretching all the way back to the first snake in the garden.
Quetzalcoatl is wisdom serpent and underworld god whose name means “feathered serpent”. This serpent god is first seen historically in Teotihuacan, a massive MesoAmerican megalithic pyramid complex (as seen in the images lower down page). Quetzalcoatl is the same dimensional wisdom serpent that the Mayans called Kukulcan.
Quetzalcoatl the serpent is affiliated with the dawn, the high priesthood, Venus…. and the prince of the air & winds. Quetzalcoatl enjoyed blood sacrifices in mass….. the more terrifying, the better.

Going one step further: Nephilim — by its very definition — is a word that means: FALLEN ONES…. products originally of dark angels, dimensional entities, fallen-beings…. perhaps (even to some) demons reaching out and tickling the fine boundaries of reality & genetically breeding themselves…. or, maybe Pandora’s Box a pinch further, the alien faces, the shadow people, the slithery reptiles, the insects of some bizarre reality, the devils from a thousand nightmares hustling off eggs and semen in the witching hours of the night….. not too unlike the old time-worn drawings of the underworld gods and human-like anomalies found on Egyptian walls, and writings & scribbles from around the globe.

After-all, according to the pages of Enoch, the dead Nephilim are the demons.


Nephilim: the Occult

This leads us to a very important question: Is ANY of this madness even possible?


Nephilim: Elongated Skull of massive size. One of many discovered in Bolivia. Take a moment to examine each of the skulls as we get further down this page in this article….. look at the size of the mouths, the eyes, the jaws…. and of course the head structures. What would something like this have looked like had you encountered it in real life? Perhaps stumbled upon it in the jungles of South America? What if there were a dozen of them? Or, a hundred? Or, a thousand?

For those wandering in the vast desert of spiritual blindness, or worse yet, dabbling with darkness — Yes, indeed, it is my EXTREMELY strong opinion — it can reach-out and touch you back….. particularly if one opens doors of invitation….. like a fool covered in gasoline playing with fire and wondering why it didn’t end well. I have not met ANY person who has been involved with the occult, who doesn’t feel it is as real as a heart attack — perhaps more real…. I will leave those questions in your hands to decide.


Illuminati: COMING AFTER NOAH….. A Trey Smith and God in a Nutshell project


Nephilim: In the image above, a human sacrifice is being preformed with the victim’s heart ripped out and his frantic arms and legs held in place. The dimensional wisdom serpent (Quetzalcoatl) is peering in as if to oversee from above — like the alter itself is the feeding ground of something waiting just on the other side….. The place where perhaps the blood-stained faces of dark gods and demons carved in ancient stones come alive as the eyes roll into the back of the head….. the devils & serpents waiting just beyond this present reality to feed in frenzy from the violent ritual hands of human zombies.

Bare in mind, every ancient culture, every empire, leading right-up to this present hour has truly been different forms and manifestations of the same dictatorship…. What I am telling you is this: That the very ideas which drive ALL these empires of flesh is that they are NOT guided by the minds of men — but of a spiritual puppet master behind-the-scenes….. In accordance with that basic concept, it should come as no surprise that in every ancient culture you have an outward religion for the “goyim” (the “throw-away people” living under the thumb of the empire) and then you have the tightly-guarded inner secret circle religion (for the royal class and elite). And, all dark empires have had the same religion pumping like the dead sludge oozing to the center of their black hearts, the core of their inner lairs — Luciferian-ism….Though the names change — the symbols, the darkness and the source pumping out those beliefs, illusions, madness, horrors & fears like black-blood and raw sewage through the veins of humanity stays the same….. after-all, the serpent has many, many masks….. and even more names.

You can tell the nature of something by what it does…… Love -or- Hate….. Faith -or- Fear…..  Greed, Ego & Pride -or- Self-Sacrifice, Peace, Patience & Love even at its high price……

Always remember the simplest of simple rules — NEVER trust a snake…. they bite the very hand that feeds.

Nephilim: Blood-lines

Nephilim: Genesis 6

The Nephilim were on the earth in those days–and also afterward–when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown. — Genesis 6:4

Nephilim-by-Trey-Smith-Nephilim-Trey-Smith-Nephilim-God-in-a-NutshellThe question becomes: How would the Nephilim, the high strangeness of genetic anomalies, make it to appear on the other side of the flood?

Some suggest that perhaps one of Noah’s sons, or their wives, carried the Nephilim over in their blood. Though I find this interesting, I have trouble with the idea that God “let one slip through on the boat.”

I would like to propose a totally different, yet simple, solution.


Noah: COMING SOON…. A video by Trey Smith and the God in a Nutshell project

The 200 angels (a small portion of the total number of fallen angels) that came in prior to the flood, having lowered themselves to earthly bodies, did so of their own accord…. Infact, there are significant indications in the text that the sex with the women and the birthing of the offspring was by no means consensual…. It specifically states, “they took for themselves wives of whom they chose.” They simply came in, pronounced themselves as “gods” and begin twisting things to their desires. It was for this cause that they were “extra-punished” — if you will.

The flood came and took everything that lived on land down to ZERO. 

Yet, after the flood, we see the records of the giants, and other such strange beings, beginning to sprout-up and spring forth across the new world once again…. stretching to include the not-so-human skulls found around megalithic ritual pyramids that rival Egypt in deepest regions and jungles of South America. And, of course, the entire tribes of giants and strange beings encountered, battled and conquered by the Hebrews in the Book of Numbers and Deuteronomy….. and then remaining dwindles of these anomalies like nephilim-brien-forestor-nephilim-evidence-aliens-nephilim-demons-nephilim-dna-nephilim-peru-nephilim-trey-smithGoliath which seem to progressively become lesser and lesser in number until they are entirely phased-out, and vanish from living history. How does this occur?


the Serpent, the Horned God, Pan, Hades, Osiris, Ra, Zeus, Apollo, Bel, Moloch, Baal, Dionysus….. etc… etc….. All names for the same old beast, the dragon — the star in the crescent — Lucifer, great god nothing — king of serpents, insects and demons…. the devil.

The answer to this riddle seems to be found in the texts of Assyria, Sumeria, and later Egypt. The people simply called “dark entities” back into this place….. In fact, that is the entire idea behind summonsing something. An occult ritual is an actual invitation for an underworld god, a demon, to enter this place in a physical and tangible sense. Which — mind you — is precisely what the ancient cultures telling you occurred.

Noah had three sons: Shem, Ham, Japheth. Because of a homosexual indecent done by his son Ham, Noah placed a large curse on Ham (father of Canaan) …. And a large blessing on Shem.

A break-down of the blood-line of ALL three son’s is beneath. Here is Noah’s curse and blessing:

And Noah began to be an husbandman, and he planted a vineyard: And he drank of the wine, and was drunken; and he was uncovered within his tent. And Ham, the father of Canaan, saw the nakedness of his father, and told his two brethren without. And Shem and Japheth took a garment, and laid it upon both their shoulders, and went backward, and covered the nakedness of their father; and their faces were backward, and they saw not their father’s nakedness. And Noah awoke from his wine, and knew what his younger son had done unto him. And he said, Cursed be Canaan; a servant of servants shall he be unto his brethren. And he said, Blessed be the LORD God of Shem; and Canaan (Ham’s son) shall be his servant. — Genesis 9:20-26.

 The Three Blood-lines

Shem: From the blood-line of Shem came God’s chosen people the Hebrews…… ultimately leading to the Savior of mankind, Jesus Christ….. NOTE: The nations of Islam came from Abraham’s actions in not waiting on God and birthing a child with his maidservant, Hagar.

Ham: From the blood-line of Ham we get ALL the Nephilim in the post-flood world. Ham was the grandfather of Nimrod (builder of the nephilim-vampire-nephilim-vampires-nephilim-blood-ritual-nephilim-evidence-aliens-nephilim-demons-nephilim-dna-nephilim-peru-nephilim-trey-smith copyTower of Babel and in “defiance to God”) — the first king and world dictator. Through the blood-line of Ham — leading through Nimrod — we see the rise of the MAJOR occult superpowers including Egypt, the Hittites, and Babylonia. As well as, through the blood-line of Ham we also see the rise of EVERY SINGLE Nephilim-type group of people in the ancient world: A total of 33 tribes of giants… And Several other types of “strange beings” like the Amalekites.  

Amalekites (means “Vampire-like Demons), 

Amorites, Anakims, Ashdothites, Aviums, Avites, Canaanites, Sidonians, Philistine, 

Rephaims, Sidonians, Hittites, etc, etc, etc….  

Japheth: From the blood-line of Jepheth are a collections of people who would play a role in helping Israel at critical points in history, for example Cyrus the Great. From Japheth, came the civilization credited with inventing philosophy, namely Greece. Also appeared the superpowers, beginning with the Medes and the Persians, that have dominated Western civilization since the final destruction of the Assyrio-Babylonian empire by Cyrus the Great.

Nephilim: the Demon EntersEnki-Summons-Enki-Abzu-Enki-Sumerian-Enki-Annunaki-Enki-

Nimrod — the first one world dictator — built the Tower of Babel, or “Gate of the god”. You can view the Tower of Babel like an enormous occult summonsing with the Nephilim-enki-Nephilim-gilgamesh-Nephilim-enki-sumerian-Nephilimpurpose of inviting a VERY POWERFUL underworld god into the realm of reality. Nimrod was the first recorded “god-king” in human history. The one in defiance to the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth.

Some believe Gilgamesh is Nimrod…. But — another possibility is that he might have been a king directly after Nimrod as Gilgamesh is commonly depicted as a six fingered giant, Nephilim. Whatever-the-case, the entity being summonsed is generally is called, “the Enki” — the Morning Star (SEEN IN IMAGE to RIGHT stepping before Gilgamesh in our physical reality. The Enki is depicted to the LEFT emerging from the ABZU… the ABYSS)

Nephilim: the Skulls & the Evidence 


X-Ray of King Tut’s elongated skull. Tut’s father — the controversial king Akenhaten — also had an elongated skull.


Nephilim: This elongated skull, believed to date back roughly 1,500 years, was found at a dig site in Alsace, France….. Skulls like this one have been found, NOT just in South America, but sprinkled across the globe in locations such as Siberia, Egypt, Iran, Mexico, etc.

Nephilim: Elongated Skulls have been found ALL across the globe… from Russia & Iran…. to the sands of Egypt…. to Europe…… to the Americas…. to places dotting the globe everywhere in-between….. but nowhere in more sheer volume than Peru…. the backyard of my friend, Brien Forestor.

Now — to see this properly with ZERO misunderstandings — when we are talking about words like “Nephilim”, it is important to recognize that most 1927208_585516954858941_1896294933_nelongated skulls (at least the ones in South America) are infact from head binding, just as both Wikipedia and the skeptics suggest.

However, there are many, many, many, many, many skulls which can by NO means fit in the “head binding” category.


Normal human skulls have a T shape of sutures (the wiggly seams which fit the skull together)…. Like the human skull on the left. Normal human skulls have a frontal plate and two (2) parietal plates. The elongated skull (on right) is “naturally” not like that — it has one enormous “skull cap.”


Both of these elongated skulls above have “skull caps” — a feature very much unlike human skulls.

The most striking two (2) points — surface-level, in-your-face, observations — is (NUMBER ONE) that the skulls can be 25% to 35% larger (and some even dramatically larger than that) in head volume than a regular human skull. Think of it like this — If you were molding a pot out of soft clay, you could squeeze the clay into a different shape; but, you could NOT actually change the volume. The same principle applies here….. only to a much larger degree….. As the elongated skulls we are talking about are often thicker & heavier than any regular human skull as well.

Nephilim-eye-sockets-elonagted-skullSecond, many of the skulls (not all) actually fit together differently than a human skull — they have literal skull caps on the back of their heads. That is NOT natural in humans.

And — atop this — there are varieties of many, many, many other little details that emerge under the microscope of closer examinations…. Details such as: Amounts of teeth in the mouths, two curious tiny holes in the back of the head (you don’t have those), size of the eye-sockets, etc, etc, etc…..

These are EXACTLY the reasons that serious field researchers working with these elongated skulls every single day, men like Brien Forestor, believe that you are dealing with something EXTREMELY UNUSUAL (and that’s a mild phrasing)…. A high-strangeness of such Nephilim-Machu-Picchu-Nephilim-city-in-the-sky-Nephilim-trey-smithscale that the ancient local cultures & peoples viewed these “anomalies” (Nephilim / human-like creatures for lack of a better term) as kings, priests, rulers…. and perhaps even gods — even trying to copy their elongated heads and unusual physical appearance with the practice of head-binding.


Sachsayhuaman: Megalithic Masterpiece Near Cusco in Peru

Another noteworthy item which should be pointed out — is that many of these elongated (Nephilim) skulls not only appear to appear to be royalty….. princes, elite class & kings. But — further down the rabbit hole — the most dramatic and strange of the elongated skulls are commonly found at megalithic sites. Sites of such massive scale that even their very construction is a subject of both mystery and debate.  Most of these nephilim-mound-builders-nephilim-pyramids-nephilim-dig-sitessites which dot the tropical landscapes from Mexico stretching down into South America….. and climaxing like an explosion of detailed stone masterpieces in Peru are made of enormous boulders. Some, such as

Paracas, Peru: Does this skull look human to you?

Paracas, Peru: Does this massive skull look human to you?

Micchu Picchu, are like sky cities & ritual sites perched above the clouds themselves on the most beautiful of mountaintops.


Nephilim: The Sacrifice


Nephilim: Here a series of canals can be seen going downhill on the rocks in the shapes of serpents and circular basins. It is believed these were likely run-offs for blood. Filled at some points with continual streams of bright red flowing in the shape of snakes.

However, appearances can be deceiving — just as even the prettiest of things can often be found with mouths full of fangs. Many of these amazing tropical mazes of pyramids, with all their oddly precise & precision stone-work reaching towards the heavens to kiss the horizon….. are the places where the VERY, VERY most extreme and strangest of these elongated skulls are found…. places also where the VERY, VERY darkest of ritual blood sacrifice were done in the thousands of thousands of thousands…… one screaming victim at a time…… until the blood ran like rivers down carved rock….. from the veins to the Nephilim-Rituals-Nephilim-Blood-Sacrificemadness of dancing feet, drums and chants of hypnotized ghouls…… a sludge of mud mixed with the bright-red sticky liquid of life itself squishing between the toes……. the orgy of blood, terror and screams…… often mass child sacrifices…… Nephilim-child-sacrifice-serpent-worship-child-sacrifice-ritual-sacrificebaby’s lungs wailing as the drums go louder & louder & louder to drown out the cries….. an intoxication in the soul-less eyes of faces painted like the demons to whom their very souls belong…… the cries, the screams, the wails.

Under the flickering lights of lines of torches dotting the horizon, these are the factories churning life into the grinding edge of cold-blooded death. A world gone Nephilim-peru-child-sacrificehorribly sideways and stark raving mad. The controlled minds of primitive ghouls in the shadowy spaces between pyramids reaching to starlight. A frenzy of evil so dense even the air feels full of ten thousand slippery serpents snapping at each other with open mouths near the alters stained with blood….. The slaughter ground…..

nephilim-vampire-nephilim-vampires-nephilim-blood-ritual-nephilim-evidence-aliens-nephilim-demons-nephilim-dna-nephilim-peru-nephilim-trey-smith copyMothers — their minds a mush like boxes of bad wiring — gladly bringing their little babies to a place of pain…. the wet alters dripping with blood & slime and a backdrop of moonlit dark smiles of carved stone faces of demented gods, devils & demons. These are the alters, atop merciless ancient stone steps, where perhaps one comes eye-to-eye with the horrid cast of clawed fiends, cloaked in their sadistic religious robes….. a royal kingship of real-life monsters.

Sounds like fiction — yet in truth — the reality may be much, much worse….

But — its always when the darkness gets its thickest, that the Light can pierce through to shine its best.


And — all of that is just merely where we begin…… (to be continued)


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PS: This page is covered by the Blood of Jesus….. I pray a special blessing & covering on EVERY single reader, viewer and clicker…. May God Himself pour a living river of pure-uncut favor, blessing & fearlessness into your life — may the journey begin. ~ trey

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