Devout Buddhist finally finds fulfillment in embracing Christianity

An engineer from a devout Buddhist family has found true fulfillment in his life when he embraced the Christian faith after years of chasing after achievements and approval.

Alex Chu, who comes from a family of devout Buddhists, recalls how he used to spend most of his life seeking his parents' approval through his accomplishments. He also remembers how he would wake up each morning to the smell of incense and the image of Buddha statues, but notes that he had no personal ties with any of the statues, Christian Broadcasting Network details.

Chu was always striving to follow in the footsteps of his father, who has two doctorates and is a very successful professional. He always lived up to his family's expectations and closely followed the Buddhist customs, but the feeling of true fulfillment eluded him because his parents would always push him to do better in everything despite his already good achievement.

When Chu entered college, he observed that Christians in his dorm were always joyful and did not seem to feel pressured in their life. Then, he started learning the teachings of the Christian faith little by little.

"The unconditional love that is preached in the Christian faith," Chu shared. "The relationship with God that you can have is something that was a surprise to me in many ways."

Intent on learning more about the Christian faith, he asked one of the believers if he could join them in their Intervarsity Christian Fellowship meeting. After hearing about God's grace, he joined a Bible study, which helped him learn more about Jesus. Convinced that He is indeed the Son of God, Chu offered a personal prayer to God.

It took Chu's parents several years to accept his newfound Christian faith, but they later on came to respect his decision to convert. After college, he practiced his engineering profession before going to a seminary. Now, he is married to a Christian woman named Michelle and is a father of three.

"As an Asian American that was always trying to seek approval and achieve things, it's meant everything to me to recognize that he loves me unconditionally and offers an eternal life with him," the former Buddhist said.

Like Chu, many people in Myanmar are also turning to Christianity despite the overbearing Buddhist influence around them. Christians in the Southeast Asian country now make up 6.2 percent of the population, up from 4.9 percent in 1983, the World Watch Monitor reveals.

In Karen state in Myanmar, Christians are being threatened by nationalist Buddhists who illegally construct their pagodas on church properties.


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