Confessions of a cannibal!

Confessions of a cannibal!
Throughout his childhood, Mr. Musoke Uganda knew nothing about the meat and what was his taste. However, a day came when, then aged 13, his mother has presented to a diet that redéfinirait his life forever. After preparing a fresh meat not identified with herbs for him, he ate and appreciated. Without his knowledge, the young musoke was feast on human flesh freshly cooked! The next day, the boy was taken to a spiritualist and an incision was made in his eye - a physical signs of the " Lion " spiritual which had possessed, pushing him to get the " meat " Fresh.
At the moment m. Musoke had 15 years ago, his appetite for human flesh had grown and was well developed. When he reached the age of 18 years ago, he began to hunt in the night of the "young prey" without distrust. "at night, I turned myself into a different person", he said to the congregation and viewers around the world while sharing his experiences sordid. The desire to eat of the flesh was so strong that she was beyond the natural resistance.
Every time someone dies in the neighborhood and was buried, Mr. Musoke and his comrades cannibals converging to a meeting point where the corpse would be consumed. Revealing how practice has been carried out, he told in graphic detail how the spirit in him the led in the night and the stormcrows in the middle of his gang. They were usually run by a cannibal elderly in the community who has executed a magical spell that has exhumed the body dead from the grave and placed it in front of the "group of feast", which included the elderly, young people and children .
His appetite for human flesh became so savage that, if he couldn't find a corpse to eat freshly buried in the cemetery, he was hanging out the community as a predator. He dug a huge hole in his house with spears pointing to the top to his bottom. He has placed a seat right in front of the hole - his human trap. Once Mr. Musoke had decided that eating, he bade them to his house to cause. He would then his unsuspecting victim to sit in the seat in front of the human trap. Once his visitor settles in the comfort, Mr. Musoke would the visitor in the hole. The "meat" is then filled.
When we asked him if he could remember the number of times he had eaten dead bodies and human flesh fresh, Mr. Musoke said to the congregation and viewers around the world that he had lost the account. Its practice of bloody exhume and consume corpses triggered many disturbances in the community. Reports criminals have begun to overwhelm positions of the police locale. Mr. Musoke was arrested on many counts and has been put behind bars five times. Even when he lived as a free man, Mr. Musoke said he felt in jail every day. It's because his name was on the lips of everyone every time another person committed a crime similar. He had enough of his life and began to look for a way out of this dark life.
Questioned on what is what it's like to eat the human flesh, Mr. Musoke said he had never felt something every time he ate human flesh but he felt physically weak the next day. After he fathered five children with five different women, Mr. Musoke had to stay away from his family for their own protection, citing that the evil spirit in him didn't know no limit and that anyone - family or not - could land in his plate.
Praising and thanking God to have him removed of darkness and the light shining on him, Mr. Musoke said that when the Prophet T.B. Joshua the delivered in the name of Jesus, everything changed. He said that the desire to eat human flesh has completely left, to the glory of God. He also said that since his deliverance, his phone received many phone calls from those involved in the same practice as him saying that they also need their deliverance and asking for his advice on how to come to the scoan.
He was advised to the whole world to put their trust in God because nothing is impossible for him, in the name of Jesus.
‘So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed’ (John 8;36). Remain connected and in faith as Prophet T.B. Joshua ministers life-changing prophetic messages and deliverance in the lives of people in the Church. Open your heart to the Spirit of God and use your faith to put a demand on the anointing in Jesus’ name, for your own freedom is a moment away. >

'if the son shall set you free, you are actually FREE' (John 8:36). Stay connected in faith so that the prophet t. B Joshua delivers prophetic messages that change and deliver the lives. Open your heart to the spirit of God and use your faith to formulate a demand on the anointing currently available in the name of Jesus, for your own freedom is very close.

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