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  • Black Panther Star Pauses Career for Christ!

    Black Panther Star Speaks Out On Finding Herself In Christ Before Landing the Biggest Role of Her Career


    Black Panther Star Pauses Career for Christ


    If you live anywhere besides under a rock then you may have heard how successful Black Panther has been at the box office. In fact, it has already topped $1.2 billion dollars in sales (Source). It really is that good – I can attest, my husband ‘forced’ me to see it and I was mesmerised. 


    Letitia Wright starred as Shuri (the Black Panther’s little sister) and recently spoke about a call to surrender earthly things for Christ.

    In an interview on British Talk Show ‘This Morning’ Letitia makes it clear where she stands with God. “I became a Christian and it gave me so much love and light within myself.”

    But one of the hardest things to do as a Christian is to surrender all of yourself to Christ. Some of us have heard this all of our lives and yet we still struggle to relinquish certain (or all) aspects of control. We still lose sight of our calling: She admits, “I just needed to take a break from acting because I really idolized it.”

    But her step out in faith totally transformed her life. “ I felt secure. I felt like I didn’t need validation from anyone else or from getting a part. My happiness wasn’t dependent on that. It was dependent on my relationship with God.”

    Like Letitia, we each have our own call to surrender and we can admire her example to give up earthly things for Christ. In the interview, Letitia is quoted saying that once she rediscovered Jesus and reignited her faith she had to take a step back as an actress.  She had to face ‘surrender’ head on and that meant saying ‘no’ to other roles and opportunities and listening to God’s voice.

    Saying ‘no’ to good things is never easy. It takes a lot of patience, trust, and discipline. But it is always rewarded. She said that after she took time away from acting and turned down work, God delivered. It was then that she landed her biggest film yet: Black Panther.

    Saying ‘no’ or ‘maybe later’ to good things looks different to everyone. I am far from Letitia’s life in Hollywood and the limelight. I am a 33-year-old mom of three little boys (aged 4.5, 3, and 1). While I’m not having to turn down roles from Steven Spielberg or Wes Anderson in order to hear God’s Voice, I am having to take time to find peace, and quiet and hear the still small voice of the Lord.

    My ‘surrender’ isn’t always a big production, but it’s often everyday tasks or luxuries that become routine but keep me from fully seeking the Lord. I have given up a lot to serve the Lord, but He always gives me back so much more.

    Right before I got pregnant I got my Master’s degree in Social Work. Then I got pregnant. I have yet to use it. I have given up that second income and career to stay home with my children. In return He has given me three lives to mold, love, teach, and learn from.  

    Every day I have to surrender my perceived control over their lives and remember to send them back into the arms of their Creator and Savior, the only One that has true control over their lives.

    Maybe you’re not a movie star.  Maybe you’re not a parent either.  Maybe you don’t know where to start? Look at the things that keep asking you to say ‘yes’. Your phone? Worry? Control? Comparison? Social media? Complaining? What do you need to say ‘no’ to in order to surrender yourself to the Lord and truly hear His voice?  It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

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  • Confessions of a cannibal!

    Confessions of a cannibal!
    Throughout his childhood, Mr. Musoke Uganda knew nothing about the meat and what was his taste. However, a day came when, then aged 13, his mother has presented to a diet that redéfinirait his life forever. After preparing a fresh meat not identified with herbs for him, he ate and appreciated. Without his knowledge, the young musoke was feast on human flesh freshly cooked! The next day, the boy was taken to a spiritualist and an incision was made in his eye - a physical signs of the " Lion " spiritual which had possessed, pushing him to get the " meat " Fresh.
    At the moment m. Musoke had 15 years ago, his appetite for human flesh had grown and was well developed. When he reached the age of 18 years ago, he began to hunt in the night of the "young prey" without distrust. "at night, I turned myself into a different person", he said to the congregation and viewers around the world while sharing his experiences sordid. The desire to eat of the flesh was so strong that she was beyond the natural resistance.
    Every time someone dies in the neighborhood and was buried, Mr. Musoke and his comrades cannibals converging to a meeting point where the corpse would be consumed. Revealing how practice has been carried out, he told in graphic detail how the spirit in him the led in the night and the stormcrows in the middle of his gang. They were usually run by a cannibal elderly in the community who has executed a magical spell that has exhumed the body dead from the grave and placed it in front of the "group of feast", which included the elderly, young people and children .
    His appetite for human flesh became so savage that, if he couldn't find a corpse to eat freshly buried in the cemetery, he was hanging out the community as a predator. He dug a huge hole in his house with spears pointing to the top to his bottom. He has placed a seat right in front of the hole - his human trap. Once Mr. Musoke had decided that eating, he bade them to his house to cause. He would then his unsuspecting victim to sit in the seat in front of the human trap. Once his visitor settles in the comfort, Mr. Musoke would the visitor in the hole. The "meat" is then filled.
    When we asked him if he could remember the number of times he had eaten dead bodies and human flesh fresh, Mr. Musoke said to the congregation and viewers around the world that he had lost the account. Its practice of bloody exhume and consume corpses triggered many disturbances in the community. Reports criminals have begun to overwhelm positions of the police locale. Mr. Musoke was arrested on many counts and has been put behind bars five times. Even when he lived as a free man, Mr. Musoke said he felt in jail every day. It's because his name was on the lips of everyone every time another person committed a crime similar. He had enough of his life and began to look for a way out of this dark life.
    Questioned on what is what it's like to eat the human flesh, Mr. Musoke said he had never felt something every time he ate human flesh but he felt physically weak the next day. After he fathered five children with five different women, Mr. Musoke had to stay away from his family for their own protection, citing that the evil spirit in him didn't know no limit and that anyone - family or not - could land in his plate.
    Praising and thanking God to have him removed of darkness and the light shining on him, Mr. Musoke said that when the Prophet T.B. Joshua the delivered in the name of Jesus, everything changed. He said that the desire to eat human flesh has completely left, to the glory of God. He also said that since his deliverance, his phone received many phone calls from those involved in the same practice as him saying that they also need their deliverance and asking for his advice on how to come to the scoan.
    He was advised to the whole world to put their trust in God because nothing is impossible for him, in the name of Jesus.
    ‘So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed’ (John 8;36). Remain connected and in faith as Prophet T.B. Joshua ministers life-changing prophetic messages and deliverance in the lives of people in the Church. Open your heart to the Spirit of God and use your faith to put a demand on the anointing in Jesus’ name, for your own freedom is a moment away. >

    'if the son shall set you free, you are actually FREE' (John 8:36). Stay connected in faith so that the prophet t. B Joshua delivers prophetic messages that change and deliver the lives. Open your heart to the spirit of God and use your faith to formulate a demand on the anointing currently available in the name of Jesus, for your own freedom is very close.

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  • 2017 Prophecy: The Lord Is Releasing The Angels Of Abundant Harvest

    This is one of the most profound prophetic words I have ever received, second only to what the Lord told me in 2007 about a Great Awakening coming to this nation. In September, the Lord spoke these words to me:

    An abundant harvest is at hand. I am releasing angels of abundant harvest into the nation. You will reap what you have sown. This is a double-edged sword.

    Where the enemy has resisted your harvest in years past, you will see a multiplication effect of blessing in your life. Doors will open unto you that no man can open. Opportunities will come your way that you never dreamed, imagined or even thought to ask for. Provision will enter your life from unexpected places.

    If you have sown to the Spirit, you will reap from the Spirit. If you have sown into My kingdom business, you will see a return on the investment of your time, your finances and your relationships. Reinforcement will come to support the work of your hand. You will find that lack is no longer in your language. You will see blessings chase you down and overtake you. You will find that I am leading you and guiding you with greater precision. You will hear My voice and dream My dreams and see My visions. You will rest in Me and have confidence and faith in Me that defies the enemy’s plans for your life. This is a year of abundant harvest.

    Be warned, though and be ready because the other side of this double-edged sword is a harvest of the enemy’s agenda for those who have refused My mercy and have not heeded My voice. I am calling you to repent now before that day of reckoning comes. I will not be mocked. Whatever a man sows he will reap. There are laws of the harvest, and they are in effect.

    If you have been holding back what belongs to Me, release it. If you have been muzzling the ox, loose him. If you have been sowing seeds of discord among My children, go to them in humility and make it right. If you have been defying My will, get in alignment with me now. Right now.

    If you have been sowing to the flesh, you will reap from the flesh if you do not repent quickly. You will begin to see a trickle of the rotten harvest spring forth in your life if you do not choose My ways. My ways are higher than your ways. But there is still time to repent. There is still time to choose mercy over judgment. There is still time to push back the enemy’s work. Yes, there are consequences for your choices, but you can start planting new seeds now to reverse the curse of sin.

    I am releasing the angels of abundant harvest. They will minister blessings to the heirs of salvation. They will bring provision and protection from the enemy’s sword. I am releasing the angels of abundant harvest. Make your choice. Choose this day whom you will serve with your whole heart. I am a God of justice. I am also a God of mercy.

    You have put Me to the test in the last season, and a season of abundant harvest is coming into your life. Prepare your hearts now to receive what is in store for you and repent for the poisonous seeds you’ve sown so you can escape the snare of the fowler. I am Your God, and I love you with an everlasting love. I am releasing angels of abundant harvest.

    Source: Jennifer Leclaire of Charisma News




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  • Boxing Champ Manny Pacquiao’s Response To “What is a Real Christian?” Left Me DUMBFOUNDED

    In this slice, Matt Crouch interviews Manny Pacquiao as the boxing champion shares his take on people claiming to be Christian, but who are really not. Why? Because the fruit of their life doesn’t reflect Christ and they are not walking in obedience to Him.

    Watch how the Man of God Manny Pacquiao describes a real Christian.

    Jesus said, “If you love Me, keep My commands.” (John 14:15)

    “By their fruit you will recognize them. Are grapes gathered from thornbushes, or figs from thistles? Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit.” (Matthew 7:16-17)

    Editor’s Note:

    This video does not intend to condemn Christians who aren’t walking in obedience to Christ. It’s purpose is to draw people closer to God by revealing the truth that will set one free and make one righteous through Christ alone. God honors the heart of someone who bows in humility and asks for His forgiveness. Someone who allows God to change his foolish ways for God’s glory.

    “My son, do not make light of the Lord’s discipline, or lose heart when He rebukes you. For the Lord disciplines the one He loves, and He chastises everyone He receives as a son.” (Hebrews 12:5-6)


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  • Nigerian Prophet, TB Joshua Finally Speaks on His Prophecy About the US Elections

    The Prophet has finally spoken. TB Joshua has finally spoken after his  prophecy concerning the US Election where he declared a Female the winner of the Election.. and it saw Donald Trump the President-Elect of the United States of America.

    Below is his recation to the world:


    We have seen the outcome of the election in America. Having read, you will notice that it is all about the popular vote, the vote of the majority of Americans.

    In this case, we need the Spirit of a Prophet to recognize or to know a Prophet. Our levels are different. We are not on the same level.

    We might have great cathedrals, huge bells, and all kinds of activities that are good by human standards but human point of view is limited.

    1 Corinthians 1:25. The foolishness of God is wiser than that of men and the weakness of God is stronger than that of men. There is no shortcut to spiritual maturity unless earthly understanding gives way to spiritual enlightenment.

    I see many people trying to interpret prophets on the basis of their own minds and ideas. The prophecy seems to cause uproar, to many who gave it different meaning and interpretation.


    Finally, campaigns and elections in any democratic country in the world are never about one person, it is about the country we care and love. Whichever way it happens, we must accept the outcome and then look to the future (God), the Author and Finisher.

    Democracy is all about accommodation. All democrats must value the process of democracy more than the product.

    God bless the United States of America.

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  • Religious Leaders in Africa Building Wealth Empire over Poor People’s Money

    The issue of wealth and people’s response to it has created a clear divide in the body of Christ. While some preachers believe that God’s ultimate plan for His children is to prosper in this world and live eternally with Him in heaven quoting ‘I wish above all things that thou prosper …’ Others disagree and claim true followers of God should not focus on amassing the material possessions of this world especially when others around them suffer.
    Although Africa is home to some of the poorest and most religious countries in the world, it may seem a bit contradictory to note that she is home to the richest pastors in the world. According to, a Nigerian blog, five African pastors were listed among the wealthiest men of God in the world alongside Bishop TD Jakes, William Graham, Creflo Dollar and a host of them. From Nigeria, Bishop Oyedepo sits at the second position with a net worth of $150 million and other private properties. Pastor E.A Adeboye was also listed in an African magazine, NEWSWEEK, as the most powerful man in Africa and one of the top 50 global power elites in 2008/2009, among others such as President Barack Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy.
    Forbes evaluation was recently released to indicate that the richest pastors in Africa are from Nigeria with Bishop Oyedepo at First position having a net worth of $150 million while Chris Oyakilome is worth $50 million , T.B Joshua sits in third position with $15 million while Chris Okotie and Matthew Asimilowo stands at $10 each.
    It has been revealed that some of these pastors have private investments in form of privately owned universities, houses, schools and businesses which helps to finance their first class lifestyle. However, a majority are believed to live on church funds gotten from the pocket of members

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  • 20 Churches Were Destroyed As Bombings Continue in Aleppo, Syria

    Moscow, September 26, Interfax – 20 churches were destroyed in Syrian Aleppo, Deputy Chairman of the Commission for UNESCO of the Russian Federation and the Committee for Russian-Syrian cooperation Alexander Dzasokhov said.

    “It is a magnificent city in Syria that was famous not only for its renowned architecture and cultural sites, but it was a place where Christian aspect of this long-suffering nation has always been present. It suffers great destructions now. According to the recent data, 20 churches were destroyed there,” he said on air The Church and the World TV program on Rossiya-24 channel.

    Dzasokhov believes the future of humanity depends on the outcome of the Syrian question.

    “I do not exaggerate. That is why the necessity to preserve Syria as a country with a lot of historical and exemplary things is the task not only for the persistent, courageous and worthy Syrian people, but all other peoples and states,” he said.

    Head of the Synodal Department for External Church Relations Metropolitan Hilarion, who is the host of the program, said the tragedy in Syria was imposed from the outside, and religious and national minorities fell its first victims, as “when strong political power is eliminated, most unworthy, most monstrous elements of human society step forward, those who commit crimes, using religious slogans

    “We see how the countries of the Middle East, the first one, then the second one, then the third one, face events developing on the same scenario: the existing in these states regimens (we can argue about what kind of regimens they are, if they are democratic or not) are deposed with the help of the outside forces. Then it said: “They were deposed because the regimens were criminal, now there will be a democracy.” But those who depose the existing regimens, do not want to bear responsibility for the consequences of their actions,” the hierarch stressed.


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  • Muslim migrant boat captain who 'threw six Christians to their deaths from his vessel because of their religion' goes on trial for murder Read more:

    boat captain from Cameroon murdered six passengers crossing from Morocco to Spain because they were Christian, prosecutors claim.

    The Muslim man, identified in court documents as Alain N. B, blamed the Christians for rough seas, 29 survivors testified.He forced six men off the  boat, sending them to certain death, it is claimed.

    he alleged killings happened on a crossing between Nador in northern Morocco and southern Spain in 2014, The Telegraph reports.

    Investigators were told that the captain and his second in command, also from Cameroon, believed the weather got worse each time the Christians prayed.


    They used planks of wood to beat the Nigerian pastor, with the public prosecutor writing: 'They badly wounded him before throwing him overboard.'


    Witnesses claim the duo then searched fellow passengers for signs they were Christian, and similarly attacked five other migrants.


    Alain N. B's second in command died before trial could start.

    he prosecution state the captain 'was aware that the victims could not possibly survive and that they would die, either by drowning, from the cold, or from the physical injuries they had suffered'.

    The sea was rough and there were no boats nearby that could rescue the men thrown overboard.


    Just one body, which may have been that of a victim, was recovered.


    The trial is happening in Almeria, southern Spain, where prosecutors are calling for six separate  terms of 15 years - meaning the captain would be sentenced to 90 years in jail if convicted.


    The public prosecutor argues that 'religious motivation' is an aggravating factor.


    Sea rescue services rescued 29 survivors from the 10-metre-long inflatable craft, which did not have a motor.


    At least 21 people died during the perilous crossing, including seven babies whose mothers had been unable to hold onto them. 


    All the survivors were from Sub-Saharan Africa, but several appeared frightened of telling authorities what happened.


    The two men had €1,500 (£1,287) on their person - the same amount witnesses say their victims were carrying before being forced overboard.     










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  • Why Photographer Suicide After Winning The Award For This Photo Will Leave You In Tears..

    Kevin Carter was a South African Photo Journalist. In March 1993, Carter was on a trip to Sudan and preparing to Photograph a Starving toddler trying to reach a feeding Center When a Hooded Vulture landed nearby and Carter took the Picture because it was his “Job Title”. The vulture was waiting for the girl to die and to eat her.

    He was told not to touch the Children to prevent from Transmitting Diseases.
    That Photograph was sold to The New York Times and other Newspapers around the world. Hundreds of people contacted the newspaper to ask the fate of the girl..

    In 1994, Kevin Carter won the Pulitzer prize for the disturbing photograph of a Sudanese child being stalked by a vulture.

    He Committed Suicide 3 Months After He Won that Prize by taping one end of hose to his pickup truck’s exhaust pipe and running the other end to the driver’s side window. He died of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning at the age of 33. His last message read;

    “I’m really, really sorry. The pain of life overrides the joy to the point that joy does not exist… I am depressed… without phone… money for rent … money for child support… money for debts… money!!!… I am haunted by the vivid memories of killings and corpses and anger and pain… of starving or wounded children, of trigger-happy madmen, often police, of killer executioners… I have gone to join Ken [recently deceased colleague Ken Oosterbroek] if I am that lucky”.


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  • Rise of the superhumans: Woman has MICROCHIPS implanted in both hands so she can unlock doors without keys and never needs a computer password

    In a glimpse of what the future may hold, tiny microchips are being implanted in humans so they can unlock doors and get into their computers without using keys or passwords. Sydney woman Shanti Korporaal has had two implants inserted in her hands which she now uses like she has superhuman powers, the Adelaide Advertiser reports. Her goal now is to completely do away with her wallet and cards so that she can lead a futuristic lifestyle, and the sky's the limit as to what can be done nex 'You could set up your life so you never have to worry about any password or PINs' she said. 'It's the same technology as Paypass, so I'm hoping you'll be able to pay for things with it. 'With Opal you get a unique identification number that could be programmed into the chip. Any door with a swipe card... it could open your computer, photocopier. Loyalty cards for shops are just another thing for your wallet.' The implant is almost impossible to spot as it is just the size of a grain of rice. The microchips can be used in the same way as a smartphone and store complex data. Ms Korporaal has even set up a distribution service for the implants with her husband, Skeeve Stevens, called Chip My Life in what is a niche market. However, although it is a niche market at the moment it is gaining interest as a firm in Sweden proved when it gave its employees the choice of having chips implanted instead of a work pass - more than 400 took up the offer. She said that with technology continually improving films like the Terminator and Matrix were no longer so far-fetched and the idea of 'super-humans' was now a real possibility.

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